My EMDR Journey



Road to Hope: My EMDR Journey

Session 1: Week 1

Session 1: Week 1 My favorite time of day is late night. I love the still quietness. There’re no text nudges, no phone shrills, no email pings, no “Mom!” I’m contended by the night sounds: faucet gurgling, fridge humming, clock ticking,… Continue Reading →

Session 1: Week 2

Session 1: Week 2 Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. —Norman Cousins Too much has died inside me to want to live. She hugged me a little… Continue Reading →

Session 1: Week 3

Session 1: Week 3 I have known many troubles in life but few have come to pass. – attributed to Mark Twain For many years this quote graced the front of my refrigerator, in my face against worry. The truth… Continue Reading →

Session 2

Session 2 Thursday was EMDR day and guess what? I didn’t even mention to Nate that the very next morning I would be climbing on to that big machine-table to have my “teat” nicked open and samples of the mircocalcifications sucked… Continue Reading →

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